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GrowSafe and Accreditations

As responsible growers, The Fresh Grower’s GrowSafe Programme is seasoned and well in place.

The Fresh Grower is fully accredited with GlobalGap, as well as having Farm Safety Policies and Procedures in place; The Fresh Grower is constantly and actively involved with all its farm operations on and off the field.

In order that The Fresh Grower can bring its customers support for the supply and sale of our produce, we have invested in several merchandising techniques and you will, from time to time, see our merchandisers in store at some of our retail outlets where supply our fresh produce.

Our merchandisers are certified with In-Store Food Safety handling certificates, and usually wearing an apron with the embroidered “The Fresh Grower”. They are seasoned merchandisers who have worked with The Fresh Grower over a number of years and well versed with The Fresh Growers range of gourmet varieties. This ensures our customers and consumers are informed and educated.

By undertaking merchandising endeavours, we are continuously helping our customers to bring further awareness to our produce range and providing them with nutritional and educational information about our varieties.

What products do we grow?

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